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Training Review: TMACS / Pat McNamara’s Combat Strength Training (CST)

Instructor/System: Pat McNamara is a 22 year US Army veteran, having served both with vanilla Special Forces and, for thirteen years, with 1st SFOD-D — Delta Force — before retiring as a Sergeant Major in 2005. In the training world, he’s primarily known for his firearms and combat tactics training, under his TMACS brand, but he also offers a class on his approach to physical fitness and readiness. Now in his early 50s, he remains a physical powerhouse and endless font of energy and enthusiasm. He is the author of Sentinel: Become the Agent in Charge of Your Own Protection Detail which covers some of the same topics as the class reviewed here.

Content: McNamara’s “Combat Strength Training” (CST) course is a one-day class on how to obtain and maintain physical fitness and readiness. The word “combat” in the title reflects two things. First, that the basic functional attributes developed are relevant to combat, specifically in terms of movement in the transverse plane, which McNamara believes is sorely underdeveloped in most combat athletes. Read More