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Training Review: BSR’s Unimproved/Off-Road Driving Course (UORDC)

Topic: Mobility, Automobile

Instructor/System: BSR is a specialty driving school located at Summit Point Motorsports Park in Summit Point, West Virginia. BSR has been around for decades and teaches classes to the US military, law enforcement, government agencies, and civilians. Beyond their military work, BSR also provides training for the Department of State’s Worldwide Personal Protection Services (WPPS), the AFPAK Hands folks, etc. Lee Chewey, a retired Delta operator who’s gone on to be involved in a lot of security operations and security training work globally, is the Director of Training. Their course offerings include off-road driving, evasive driving, surveillance detection while mobile, and vehicle commandeering. They also offer some firearms courses. Being co-located at Summit Point gives them great asphalt tracks for the evasive driver training, as well as ample space for the off-road work and easy access to suburban West Virginia for the surveillance detection work.

Content: BSR’s Unimproved/Off-Road Driving Course (UORDC) is a one-day course designed to teach basic off-road driving skills. Read More