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Training Review: InSights Training Center’s Intensive Handgun Skills

Topic: Shooting, Pistol

Instructor/School: InSights Training Center is a shooting and tactical training school founded by Greg M. Hamilton. The school offers classes to military, law enforcement, and civilians in the Seattle, Washington area. While the school employs numerous instructors, Greg himself was the instructor for the class being reviewed here. Greg was a US Army Ranger and Special Forces soldier but also had his foot in the competitive speed shooting world and trained with folks like John Shaw at Mid-South. He’s definitely a bit of a wizard with a handgun but, much more importantly, he’s also trained numerous other people to be top-tier competitive shooters. Greg is brash, extremely cocky, and overflowing with opinions, but he has such a deep mastery of his subject matter that whether you like him or not, you’ll listen. He’s also a military history buff, so if you share an interest in the minutiae of 20th century war, you’ll find an eager interlocutor.

Content: InSights’ Intensive Handgun Skills (IHS) is a three-day, intermediate to advanced level pistolry class that seeks to improve shooter speed without losing accuracy. Read More